History of RJ 140 and Opal 46

The story of the RJ140 started in 1972 when a couple of sailing enthusiasts had come up with the idea that they wanted a boat that could beat the Finnish Swan’s in the Swedish Gotland Off shore races, and now they still do so more than 45 years later! It was the Swede Rolf Jacobsson who made the final design.

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In total only 17 RJ140s and Opal 46 were delivered as airframe, mainly at Tollare Bruk in Saltsjo-Boo near Stockholm. As far as is known, only one Opal 46 was built and finished by another yard in 1974. After the delivery of the airframe it was up to the new owner to determine how they should be further finished. That makes them all different. RJ140 / Opal 46 appear as barge, schooner and Ketch / Yawl. Salsa (1980) is equipped with a “Doghouse” -like cabin with spacious flush deck and is Ketch witnessed, making it perhaps not the fastest RJ, but it is the most comfortable in terms of sailing, and ideal for families. Her interior is known as one of the nicest within the fleet and consists mainly of clear lacquered teak, giving it a beautiful classic look. Her cabin is very spacious, despite its relatively small width of 3.10 meters.

Most RJ140s / Opal 46s still sail in Scandinavia where they once originated. A few specimens sail in the surroundings of Mallorca and in the Caribbean, at St Barth and St Maarten. Salsa is the only RJ140 in the Netherlands and even in Western Europe.

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